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All my pottery is either stoneware or porcelain. The glazes are described as “food safe” by the manufacturers. Each piece is hand-made. How the pottery is made.
Mugs from espresso to tankard; frog mugs.
Mugs in tenmoku, cream and cobalt blue   Garlic Holders.
Attractive lidded pots with ventilation holes.
Garlic pot in basic chun
Goblets in all sorts of shapes and colours.
Loving cup in light blue, goblet in cobalt blue   Salt pigs.
A traditional way to store salt in the kitchen.
Salt pigs in cobalt blue and chun
Milk jugs.
Cream/milk jugs.
Jugs in green, light blue and chun on chun   Cider jugs.
Traditional cider jugs.
Tradition cider jug
Cereal bowls, soup bowls, fruit bowls.
Large bowl with foot, in tenmoku   Large jugs.
Suitable for flowers, 4-5 pint size.
2 extra-large jugs in temoku-chun
Hand balm dishes.
Designed to hold the hand balm.
Hand balm dishes in basic chun, tenmoku chun and Tivoli red   Candleholders.
Traditional and unusual designs.
Traditional and tall candleholders in tenmoku
Oil burners.
An effective alternative to candles.
Pot-belly and trumpet vase in tenmoku   Egg cups, egg holders & egg-plates.
Oil burners (tenmoku-chun without handle, mazarine with handle
Olive dishes.
Various styles of olive dish, all with a separate space for the stones.
Egg-holders in light blue and green, egg-plate in cobalt blue   Herb markers.
Stoneware herb markers, pre-labelled or plain.
Pair of olive dishes in sepai and chun
Pottery decorations in shapes of animals, trees etc..
Pre-labelled herb markers   Buttons.
Pottery buttons in various shapes, patterns and colours.
Pottery decorations in various shapes and colours, with a hole for hanging
Greetings cards.
Unique decorated greetings cards with envelope.
Stoneware pottery buttons in different shapes & colours   Yarn bowls.
Bowls with a holes & a spiral slot in the side for knitting work.
Hand-made cards with pottery decorations